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Karin R. Klinger

Writing Samples

Writing Samples
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Drive-Through Education: Consumerism & Higher Education

I wrote this paper in partial fulfillment of course requirements as I worked toward my Masters degree. With my previous professional experience in university admissions, I have long been intrigued by the emerging consumerism attitudes of most constituents toward higher education. I recently submitted this paper for consideration for publication in a regional journal.

Call to Serve Baylor Line Camp Curriculum

As a Co-Director for the Call to Serve Baylor Line Camp, I took on the responsibility for the curriculum development and delivery.  I adjusted the existing currciulum to be more service-oriented and relevant to fit the theme of our camp.  Further, I added significant elements in order to more deeply challenge our student participants.  Once the camp started, I served as the instructor for all of our curriculum sessions throughout the four-day camp.  Following the Call to Serve Baylor Line Camp, other Line Camp directors utilized my adjusted curriculum at their camps.

Leadership Course Proposal

As part of a Leadership course I took, I had the opportunity to design and propose a Leadership course for undergraduate students.  I loved the assignment!  This paper includes the proposed course syllabus, course rationale, as well as a proposed Weekly Leadership Reflection assignment to be given to enrolled students.

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