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It is a rare privilege to have the opportunity to thank those who make such astounding contributions to your life every day.  I am thankful for this opportunity and am grateful that I have so many wonderful friends and family who support and encourage me.

My Family

My family has been a tremendous support to me. Without them and all their encouragement, I could never have pursued my academic and professional goals and dreams.

Mom and Dad: thank you for your notes of encouragement, for visiting, for calling and keeping up with me! I learned to dream big from two dreamers who never settle. For all the laughter, fun, support, love and encouragement, thank you.

Cindy, Brett, Emily and Bryce: I can always count on you for honest, forthright feedback on what I'm doing, the decisions I'm making and where I'm going. Thank you for all your support and laughter. Emily and Bryce, I miss seeing you two grow up!

Gramms and Wayne: thank you for always caring and supporting my crazy dreams...even when they take me to places like Texas! I love and miss you so much!

The Reddings (and Ben!): I can always count on you for lots of laughter with just a hint of sarcasm...or maybe more than just a hint! Thank you so much for keeping up with what's going on in my life, even when I'm so far from home!

Nana: everytime I talk to you, you manage to slip into the conversation how proud you are of me...thank you for your encouragement and for being such a tremendous support! I love you so much and miss you terribly...and not just for your rice crispy treats!

Friends from Far, Far Away...

Andrea Cook: how can I thank you for all that you've done?  You've been a mentor and role model, friend and boss...not to mention the one who finally convinced me that it was time to get a Masters degree!  Thank you!  I am a better person for having worked with you and for having the chance to learn from you.
Meredith and Ryan Dougherty: I miss you! I have missed working with you and laughing with you! Thank you for all your support and for helping me make the decision to step out and journey beyond the boundaries of my Northwest life. I love being able to call you and chat, cry, laugh, and of course, play phone tag! Thank you for being such wonderful, supportive friends! Thank you for dreaming with me!

Karah Fisher: my most faithful corresponder! Our letters back and forth have been a lifeline in the past months and years. I have deeply missed seeing you in person, but have so valued knowing you in a different way, even over the distances!
Patrick & Shannon Bennett: what a tremendous encouragement you have both been over the years!  From ASCGFC to Admissions, undergrad to grad school, skydiving to roadtrips, and more!  You've both been such wonderful friends!  And watching you both jump into grad school was an inspiration...and look where that got me!  Thank you for everything...many thanks to you and many more blessings on you!
Jennifer Swanborough: I can't believe I'm on a different path from my friend, Jen!  I followed you from Camp to Fox, from student to Admissions.  I miss laughing with you on Aloha Fridays!  I miss being caught up in event-planning insanity with you!  I miss you!  I am so proud of you and the risk you took moving to Indiana!  And I can't help but wonder if that's where I'm headed next...if only to get back on your trail...!
My George Fox Friends & Family: O how I miss my beloved George Fox!  You were all so good to me and have been so supportive of my desire for a Masters degree!  Thanks to all my friends and colleagues at Fox!  I miss my rainy days with you!  And a very special thank you to the students at George Fox University.  It is because of your passion and fire that I was inspired to stay in higher education for the long haul.  Without your joy and the joy you brought to my life, I never could have mustered the courage to pursue my degree so that I can serve other students like you!
Liesl McWhorter: the Intern I left behind...thank you for your grace and encouragement to pursue my degree!  And thank you for all our laughter, vent sessions, Mountain Dew and stories!  You made my job so much fun!  I have missed you, but I know you are destined for great things, my friend!  I look forward to seeing it all unfold before you!
Tonya Lynne Wildhaber: from student to friend, colleague to roommate.  What a journey we've had!  I am sorry I've missed so much of your life in the past two years, but so grateful for your constant, enduring friendship!  Know that where ever we go, whatever we do, you'll always have a friend in me.

My Baylor Family

Moving 2,500 miles from home in the blink of an eye can be an intimidating experience. I never could have survived the transition, let alone have been successful without the care and support of my adoptive family at Baylor University.

The Office: Fay, Sandra, Eileen, Dub, how could I have done it without you? Your belief in me and constant support have been invaluable to me.

Fay: thank you for our chats and conversations about everything and anything under the sun. I miss sharing an office with you but love that I can pop in on you and talk your ear off just about any time!

Sandra: you make me laugh everyday! You make the office such a fun place to be, even in the most hectic and stressful circumstances. Thank you for making Texas feel a little more like home everyday.

Dub: I'm so glad you joined our office! I have loved getting to watch you work with students and show your passion for your work everyday. You're such an encouragement to me that it really is possible to hold a professional and demanding position at a university and continue to directly connect with students!

Eileen: I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you, Boss! Thank you for taking a chance on me and for believing in me. Thanks for rarely (if ever!) treating me like a graduate assistant and giving me so many amazing opportunities to grow and develop academically and professionally. You are an incredible role model to me and I am forever thankful for having the chance to work with you and watch you conduct the amazing work you do everyday. I can never thank you enough...

Across Campus:

My Crew: Cece, Craig, Tyler, Isis, Taryn, Tony, and can I ever thank you enough? From study parties to commiserating over homework, working together to playing together, I never could have survived this experience without each of you. I know we'll remain "tru 2 'da Cru" for years to come! Thank you for getting me through the fire of grad school!

Scott and Jill Wade: my fellow Northwesterners! I can't thank you enough for all your generosity, encouragement and support in bringing me here and keeping me sane while being here! You always make me laugh and keep me on my toes. For adopting me into your family for Thanksgivings, Super Bowl parties, just hanging out...I owe you more than you can imagine!

Becky Kennedy: my favorite friend from Alabama! Thank you for educating me in the ways of language and Southern dialect! I never could have survived Texas without knowing phrases like "that dog won't hunt," "in their cups," "y'all," and others! Thanks for always laughing with me, loving the movies I love, and giving me much needed breaks from homework!
Jeff & Sarah Kirksey: I have loved having you around this year!  We've become closer than ever and I am grateful that you were willing to take a risk in coming to Texas!  I hope you are as happy with your decision to come as I am!  Thank you for always helping me to laugh easily and often!  You bring great joy to my life!
Amy Reeves: you are so much fun!  Thank you for keeping me on my toes, laughing with me and helping me to process through this crazy thing called grad school.  I have often looked to you for encouragement and a listening ear.  And I have been encouraged by you already having survived this adventure!  Thanks for all you do and for all you are...I like you.  I like you A-LOT!

Jessica Truglio: my roommate and friend! Thank you for inviting me into your home and for being (and allowing me to be!) low maintenance! Thank you for laughing with me and supporting me, for listening and caring, and for keeping the rent cheap!
And Everyone Else: for all those I don't have space to thank here...your encouragement, support, belief in me, laughter and love have not been forgotten--nor will they ever!  Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul!

Karin R. Klinger ~ One Bear Place #97458 ~ Waco, Texas ~ 76798 ~ (254) 716-2215 ~